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Traditional Education Scholarship

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To be eligible for the Traditional Education Scholarship you must be:

  • a graduate or undergraduate student working toward a degree or certificate in the Technical Communications field
  • pursuing a career in the technical communications field
  • living or attending school in the DFW area, or be a member of the Lone Star Chapter of STC.

The Application
Your application should demonstrate excellent organization, writing, and design skills. It should be a showcase to your best talents!

Your application should:

Be 1500 words or fewer
contain 3 or fewer graphics


  • How you meet the eligibility requirements (i.e., tell us about your degree/certificate plan and what you plan to accomplish with the degree/certificate)
  • Any special honors/achievements
  • Any other degrees held
  • Your professional experiences in the technical communications field (if any)


  •  Name
  •  Address
  •  Student ID #
  • Phone #
  • Email Address
  • Name of your College and Department
  • Expected Graduation Date
  • Expected hours for the upcoming semester (Note: If your school uses an unconventional system to calculate hours please provide an explanation)
  • Estimation of your tuition, fees, and book expenses for the following semester
  • Estimation of funds to offset the above costs (e.g., grants, scholarships, employer reimbursement programs)
  • Information about where to send funds to your school on your behalf
  • Office/Department name, address and phone #

 And provide electronic copies of the following: 

  • Two school faculty member letters of recommendation or one faculty member and one employer letter of recommendation, on official letterhead
  • An unofficial current transcript
  • Degree/certificate plan (from your school’s website or catalog)
  • Tuition estimate for the current year (from your school’s website or catalog)



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